Short Sale Testimonials - our happy clients

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Short Sale Testimonials - our happy clients

Stacie and her team at Short Sales 4 U have been every bit of the word "outstanding" as they have worked with me to sell both of my homes. When a partner backed out of our commitments, it left me stranded with the full weight of an investment property (now sold, thanks to Stacie!!) and caused me to lose the home we lived in (currently pending bank approval, also thanks to Stacie!!). I have had nothing but positive experiences in the several months I have been working with Short Sales 4 U and crew. In short, when crap hit the fan, I was glad to have the right person there.

Thanks again for all you do!




WOW, I cannot say enough about how pleased I am working with Stacie McDonald of Shortsales4u, being a Top Producer for over a Decade I started doing Short Sales a few years ago, I struggled along doing my own and became quite good at them but the time it takes and the mental toll was just too much to handle.

Then I was referred to Shortsales4u and it changed my whole way of thinking about Short Sales, Stacie was Wonderful, once I sent her the paperwork I was done worrying about it, Stacie handled everything in a Professional, Efficient and Fast Tracked Manner, Getting my Clients, buyers and sellers alike, much better settlements from the Bank than I ever imagined could be done.

I sleep much better at nights knowing Stacie is there, sometimes calling her on weekends And late nights with questions I have, even arranging conference calls for clients to discuss different situations, Having Shortsales4u on my side has allowed me to increase my production and close many more transactions, Stacie is directly responsible for me making more income and actually enjoying my Short Sale Transactions, I have more Confidence when handling even the most complicated issues knowing Shortsales4u is On my side and there for me and my clients.

I highly recommend anyone doing Short Sales, or if you would like to do Short Sales, Have your transactions handled by Short Sales 4u and you will instantly become an expert, Stacie is the best, hands down, if your not using Stacie at Short Sales 4u, your cheating yourself and your clients, trust me, You Want Stacie on your Side, Call Short Sales 4u at 257-677-3467 or go to, you will not be Sorry-Trust Me, Ron Gent (The Real Deal) Trouble Shooting-Problem Solving my Specialty, New Century Real Estate, 909-815-0281,