Short sale services for Real Estate Agents - facilitator, sign up, login, nationwide service

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Short Sales 4U LLC, Real Estate - Short Sale, Puyallup, WA

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Short sale services for Real Estate Agents - facilitator, sign up, login, nationwide service



The value of a product is how effective the end result is.  The value of having the most trusted short sale company in America handling your specific short sale needs is PRICELESS!!

Short Sales 4U®, LLC is reducing agents workloads by 60%, by handling and facilitating the entire short sale transaction.  With our unique tracking system and work relief program listing and selling short sales anywhere has never been easier.

Don’t let the changing real estate market get the best of you and your income!

Getting your business and income back on track is our goal.

Short Sales 4U®, LLC has been helping real estate agents get their income moving in the right direction with success all over the country!

Don’t gamble and hesitate in this changing economy.  With an unprecedented amount of job layoffs from every state in the nation we have to make good decisions.  Not even Microsoft, Boeing, the auto dealers, the large insurance companies, and Wall Street are immune to this challenging and changing market. Now we all can take advantage of the government bail outs, and programs President Obama has put in place for any homeowner to take advantage of.   Make sure that your future is in good hands by partnering with Short Sales 4U®, LLC.

Agents must WORK SMART, NOT HARD in this changing industry.

Short Sales 4U®, LLC is designed to let the real estate agent do what they do best; show and sell property.

  • Average short sale takes at least 60 hours to facilitate.
  • How much time verses the income if you tried to handle all of it yourself?
  • Free up 60-70% of  your hours and make more money!
  • Have Short Sales 4U®, LLC handle all of your short sale transactions.

The end result is more time for yourself and more money!

Free your time up and stop stressing over the details of getting feedback on your short sale.

Short Sales 4U®, LLC prepares and submits all of the necessary documentation to the underlying lien holders of the homeowners and facilitates for sellers and real estate agents the difference between what they owe the bank and what a buyer is willing to pay for the property.  Not all homeowners qualify for a short sale.  There is a series of documentation that the seller must submit and have reviewed by the lien holders. It is up to each lien holder as to whether they will approve or disapprove of the short sale.

We offer a complete package of service to sellers and agents, that includes:

  • Contact bank officials to obtain the correct paperwork, since each bank is different they may require different paperwork to make their decision.
  • Contact sellers and their real estate agents to obtain and submit the proper  paperwork to the home retention departments.
  • Facilitate with the underwriters the terms and conditions of the short sale.
  • Contact the sellers and real estate agents regularly to update them on the  progress of the short sale.

An ability to track your short sale progress online 24 hrs a day
Online resources give agents the ability to stay in touch with their short sale progress and the agent handling their file. By becoming a partner with Short Sales 4U®, LLC, agents will be given a username and password allowing them to view real time progress of each file they are working on.