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Short Sell, Short Sale, Services for Investors, Tips, Facilitator, CDPE, Nationwide Service

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Many investors are attracted to short sales and foreclosures mainly because it gives them a great opportunity to purchase a home for a price below the real estate market value.  Home buyers find an opportunity in these homes because generally the seller is in default; they provide a great opportunity for both the home seller and the investor however.  The seller will get the opportunity to relieve themselves from a distressed property and only have their credit affected for two years if the bank approves the negotiated short sale transaction.  The investor is able to benefit from this distressed property because they have cash in hand, good credit and buying power that allows them to profit from the opportunity. 

Short sale investors that invest in distressed properties engage in the most difficult and complicated real estate transactions in our industry.  The real estate short selling investor engages in a process that needs experience and solid advice to turn out beneficially.  Each home seller maintains certain rights as the homeowner while they are in the pre-foreclosure and foreclosure process.  We always recommend that both the home investor and the home seller seek legal advice before agreeing upon a mutual contract for any short sale transaction. 

As we stated before, a short sale investor is willing to take risks with a difficult transaction that involves a lengthy drawn out process with the mortgage company that carries the financial agreement on the distressed property.  Not all foreclosures or short sales are profitable for the real estate investor. 

Requirements of Investor

  • Pull property out of foreclosure
  • Make all owed payments to lender
  • Pay off all accrued fees
  • Pay off distressed loan
  • Have cash in hand or very secured financing before entering mutual agreement

It is very rare for a bank, lender, or mortgage company to ever let the potential investor take over the current financial contract on the real estate property.  Short selling is an investment that many investors are drawn to.  Some are first time investors and some seasoned real estate investors.  Each possesses the same risk or potential for reward.  Do your research and be prepared to invest a lot of time in researching your short sale transaction.  If you are looking for a distressed or short sale property, here are a few ideas on places for you to start your search.

·       Call local real estate agents for possible real estate in foreclosure

·       Call your local banks and try to negotiate a short sale from the lender

·       Public auctions are good ways to find distressed property

·       Find your own deal and negotiate your own short sale

Always be prepared for the time a foreclosure property can consume.  There is no quick overnight fix.  These transactions take much longer to close than normal real estate transactions.  Be prepared to not make money or even lose money yourself from the short sale investment. 

Real Estate investors invest in the potential of foreclosed property for many reasons.  Some just want to flip the house really quickly and make a quick profit from the equity they gain through the investment.  These houses are generally in good shape and these investors have little if any labor into the home.  Others have a more long term goal in regards to their distressed property investment.  There is a segment of this investment group that will hold onto the property and keep it as a rental.  Purchasing short sale real estate is a great investment for small property management companies or even for several partners as long term investments.  Others invest in a home that needs to be worked on and needs minor or even major repairs.  We have seen homes that were abandoned sold in public auction or others that were negotiated for a short sale because they were abused or neglected by the renter and it would have cost too much for the landlord owner to fix.  So the new opportunist takes over the project and has capital to fix up the foreclosed home, condo or townhouse and then “flips” it back onto the market. 

If you are looking to buy or short sell a property, hopefully you can see that our site has a lot of information regarding the short sale process. We would love to hear from you and assist you.  Most importantly, we are able to make the transaction seamless and easier for you, so you can concentrate on refurbishing a previous investment or looking for another.  We take the hard work out of the process and this is our specialty.  We have been assisting investors with short sale transactions for many years.

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