Short Sale Facilitator, Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), experienced, professional

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Short Sales 4U LLC, Real Estate - Short Sale, Puyallup, WA

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Short Sale Facilitator, Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE), experienced, professional

Short Sale Facilitator

“Our job is to make a short sale easier”

If you are in pre-foreclosure then it is a good thing that you found our site!  The real estate market in recent times has shifted its benchmarks for real estate values and troublesome times have come for homeowners and investors alike.  Short Sales 4U, LLC is a third party company that deals professionally with short sale loans for potential foreclosure property owners.  We have over 14 years of experience in real estate transactions and our knowledge in short sale loans has made us an industry expert throughout the entire nation. 

Our motto is “Our job is to make a short sale easier”.  We do this by expertly facilitating the short sale transaction so our clients don’t have to deal with the headache and loss of time each transaction can consume. 

Sadly the declining real estate market has taken our previous “niche” business and put us at the forefront of the real estate industry.  Our expertise is sought after more now than at any other time in our businesses history.  Our short sale facilitating service is custom built to handle your real estate short sale every step of the way.  Each of our clients immediately feel confident in our services and the valuable time and cost saving solutions we provide throughout their short sale facilitation process.

We can help! 

  • Loan Modifications
  • Mortgage Forbearance Facilitations
  • Term Adjustments
  • Forbearance Agreements Provide a Second Chance
  • Adjustable Rate Modifications
  • A Negative Amortization Mortgage
  • Falling Home Values
  • Subprime Lending Practices

If your property is facing a deed in lieu of foreclosure or you're are a victim of a bad mortgage that you signed in the past 5 or so years then we are the best option to help you find a final solution.  We truly understand and empathize with our clients and understand the difficult time and stress this process can cause.  Our job is to assist you and get this moment behind you.  If your goal is to stay in your home our company will exhaust all effort possible to make this a possibility.  We are familiar with each and every process involved in the loan modification and it is very important that you have a professional short sale facilitation company handle the entire modification process. 

Dealing with the lenders is the most grueling process of it all! 

  • Avoid long hold times
  • Avoid multiple departmental transfers
  • Forward all communication to a short sale facilitator
  • No need to keep telling your story over and over to a different person at the bank. 

Market trends in real estate have made it obvious to all of us that there is a problem. The problem has devastated our own United States economy so much that banks and institutions like Washington Mutual were shut down by our Federal Government.  Do not confront this issue alone or be ashamed of your situation.  There is a solution and Short Sales 4U, LLC is able to help you.   

We are very proud of the information our website provides the local consumer about the complexities of short selling.  We are familiar with clients having to wait on hold for hours upon hours and having to re-fax documents multiple times.  The entirety of our business and this website is to inform potential consumers of the opportunity to have an industry expert follow the progress of your financial real estate loan.  Our site is committed to excellent customer service and it is not geared to try and have a high “selling” message.  We are here to fix your problems and assist you toward a course of action.  Our success rate is very high and our customers truly are thankful for the service we provide them.

We look forward to helping you! 

Free Consultations are available.

Stacie MacDonald, Owner
Short Sales 4U, LLC