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Short Sales 4 U LLC Privacy Policy Statement

Short Sales 4 U Privacy Statement

We seek to be compliant with responsible and ethical treatment of your personal information submitted to us in order to provide the services you or your agent have requested. We strive daily to be compliant with laws regarding privacy of information and associated regulations at every step through our processes. To provide protection of your personal information we have established procedures in place to help us accomplish these goals. This document outlines our activities regarding the treatment of your information and how it is used to provide service to you or your clients. This Privacy Policy Statement may be updated periodically and without notice to you. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the current version of this Privacy Policy Statement. Please review it frequently.

This Privacy Policy Statement was last updated February 27, 2011.


You have a right to know how information about you is used and protected. Most data remains within the corporate family, and is used to do business with you. Some is shared with others to process your account. We explain how we use information in this privacy policy statement.


We collect information:

  • you give to us on applications, surveys, registration forms, etc.;
  • you or others give to us about your credit history; and
  • others give to us to make sure that the data you provide is accurate and up-to-date. This may include information about you from employers, banks, mortgage firms or others who provide mortgage related data, or insurers
  • regarding access to information and about the use of our system by agents or individuals for our security records
  • about the use of our system for evaluation regarding system changes and improvements


We share information with our affiliates (members of our corporate family) or companies outside our corporate family that perform services on our behalf. We share information to process transactions, respond to your inquiries, or provide information about the products or services that we offer. We share data provided by customers and verifying data.

We do not share information about you with non-affiliates (companies outside our organization) for them to contact you for their own marketing purposes.

The types of companies that we share information with include financial service providers such as mortgage bankers, insurance agents, and including those who may be able to facilitate the real estate sale and financing or re-financing on your behalf, or a financial services firm(s) that may relieve you of your obligation(s) or help you to establish new financial obligations, depending on your request for services of Short Sales 4 U, LLC.

The law permits us to share information about our current and former customers with government agencies or authorized third parties under certain circumstances. For example, we may be required to share such information in response to subpoenas or to comply with certain laws.


We strive to protect your data and safeguard it from unauthorized individuals. We have established processes that require specific procedures for the receipt of your information, including the establishment of an account which requires secure connectivity in order to submit or retrieve client information including HTTPS, SSL encryption, Secure Certificate(s), the requirement to use Cookies, and other proprietary procedures.


Except for statements made by customers such as Customer comments, accolades and testimonials, we do not share information about our former customers with anyone except in response to subpoenas or for other legal reasons.

Customer comments, accolades and testimonials

Statements about our services or web site are occasionally made by our customers, business partners, firms that may be involved with processing transactions, agents and clients and we may post those statements on our web site or they may be otherwise used in our marketing materials.

Contact information

Mailing address:

Short Sales 4 U LLC
7703 116th ST E
Puyallup, Washington 98373 USA

You may also contact Short Sales 4 U using our Contact Us page.

Removal of Account

If you have an account with Short Sales 4 U LLC, you may request that your account be removed by contacting us using our Contact Us page. Requesting removal of your account may have a negative impact on your transaction(s) in progress. We may be contractually obligated with you to not remove your account until any or all transactions you have initiated on behalf of yourself or your client(s) and which are in progress reach a contracted conclusion point.

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